Improve your Privacy with DNSCrypt

As of May 2023, roughly 94% of all traffic through Google’s servers is now encrypted. That’s a great win for internet privacy, unfortunately your browsing history can still be compromised via your DNS requests. ~94% of internet traffic is now encrypted! What is DNS? DNS is an acronym for Domain Name System. In the simplest terms, it is like a contact list for website domains. You type in an address (ie… blog. »

Showing the User Library on macOS

It’s not super obvious, but macOS actually has 3 Library folders: /Library System/Library Users/<YOUR USERNAME>/Library or ~/Library The last Library is know as the user library, and is where your user customizations will be stored. For instance application data and preferences, and also data and preferences unique to your user account. Your Safari browser cookies and cache is a great example of this. Normally you don’t really want to dig around in the user library (or any of the Libraries really), but sometimes there is good reason. »

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Translating your Xcode project

So you’ve built your great new super awesome macOS or iOS app. Your app has gone viral, and sales are going great! What’s next? Well, the obvious smart choice is localization. What is Localization? Localization involves translating your app, and making changes to the way dates and currencies are displayed, and possibly even changing your UI/UX to better support different cultures. This article will focus on how exactly you go about translating your app strings into another language. »

Hiding files with the terminal on macOS Catalina

Hiding (and un-hiding) files on macOS is relatively easy. While it is not a recommended method for hiding sensitive documents, it can be a great privacy technique to quickly hide files and folders from casual snooping. Let’s walk through the process of quickly hiding a file. Open up the Terminal - the most powerful app on your Mac Although the terminal can seem a little intimidating, the process of hiding a file (or folder) is simple enough. »

Protecting sensitive documents on macOS

A computer is a great place to store sensitive data. Banking details, financial records, business and personal documents can all be neatly tucked away in folders and easily recovered when we need them most. Because we trust our computer with much (if not all) of our professional and personal data, there are a few simple measures that can easily be followed to keep everything where it should be - In our, and only our possession! »