Why You Should Be Using a VPN

A VPN (virtual private network) is a popular consideration by many using the internet. While there is the initial view that people only use this type of system for illegal gains, there are many innocent reasons to invest in one for your own internet browsing. In fact, you need to install a VPN right now. It’s time to protect your privacy, especially with the state of the privacy laws at the moment. »

Connecting your Apple TV to a Hotel Wi-Fi network

OK so you’re travelling, and you’ve decided you can’t be without your Apple TV. You’ve checked into your Hotel, and the Hotel has Wi-Fi. But how can you connect to access all your content? It’s actually quite a simple process. But you do have a few things you need to prepare before you travel. Let’s go through the process. Preparation (do this before you leave home!) Find your Apple TV MAC address AppleTV MAC address First of all you need to find your MAC Address. »

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A mini Hosts File tutorial

So, Ive had a few requests for a tutorial on blocking certain websites, and everyone on a Mac who has ever browsed the internet at length has been no doubt bombarded with prompts to install… lets call it ‘MacSleeper’. Whether or not you need it, ill leave up to you to decide. But if you want to block accidental installation (or block any website for that matter), then this mini tutorial is for you. »

Set up a personal VPN in less than 15mins

We wont go into why you need a personal VPN, as there are many other blog posts which go into this in great detail. Let’s just get straight to the point and create our very own personal VPN. *This tutorial is going to focus on macOS and iOS, but can easily be applied to Windows or Linux. So, Lets go! First of all we need a VPS (Virtual Private Server) to host our personal VPN, I’ve chosen DigitalOcean, as its reasonably priced, and best of all - super easy to setup. »

Tracking - tips and hints to stay safe and protect your privacy while browsing online

We have scoured the internet and discovered some great tools to help you maintain your Privacy and keep you secure from tracking and online profiling. With the advent of Social media sites such as Facebook, and Twitter we have become much more open to the idea of sharing personal details on the internet. But while the thought of casually sharing some pics of our weekend bar-b-que with friends is a great way of keeping in touch with our various social circles - we do need to be smart and take some precautions while surfing the information super highway. »