Improve your Privacy with DNSCrypt

As of May 2023, roughly 94% of all traffic through Google’s servers is now encrypted. That’s a great win for internet privacy, unfortunately your browsing history can still be compromised via your DNS requests. ~94% of internet traffic is now encrypted! What is DNS? DNS is an acronym for Domain Name System. In the simplest terms, it is like a contact list for website domains. You type in an address (ie… blog. »

Script blocking in Safari on macOS

What are scripts? Scripts are most commonly small JavaScript files used to provide enhanced interactivity to websites. For example displaying a modal window when hovering your mouse over a particular element on a page, or changing the contents on a page without a full reload on a button click. So whats the problem with them On well designed and privacy respecting websites, nothing. But on the modern web, the main business model is unfortunately advertising related. »

Do you need a password manager?

Here’s a perhaps controversial answer… probably not. Unless you are using a mix of Apple and non-Apple devices or have specific needs; like perhaps password sharing between family members. You can most likely use the the native functionality built into macOS. What does a Password manager do? There are dozens of password managers on the market right now, and they all have a similar goal. A good password manager will offer you a seamless way to login securely to websites you use regularly. »

Preparing an email list for Newsletters and Group emails

Building an email list can be time consuming. Imagine the following scenario: You have a time critical deadline looming, and you need to quickly send out an important email to a bunch of people. Also imagine perhaps, that IT has sent you raw SQL database file. Or your boss has sent over an Excel file full of contact address’s. Or maybe you’d just like to send an email to a particular group from your Contacts app. »

Wireguard for a better VPN experience

Wireguard is a modern open source VPN protocol which aims to be fast and secure. And, in my own personal experience and testing, It is always my first choice for VPN connections. I’ll quickly outline some benefits in this article. But first… What is a VPN A VPN allows you to connect to a remote network as if you were directly connected to the network. Commonly it used for remote workers to access their corporate network servers. »