Why You Should Be Using a VPN

A VPN (virtual private network) is a popular consideration by many using the internet. While there is the initial view that people only use this type of system for illegal gains, there are many innocent reasons to invest in one for your own internet browsing.

In fact, you need to install a VPN right now. It’s time to protect your privacy, especially with the state of the privacy laws at the moment. Your protections are only going to disappear more.

Let’s look at why you should use a VPN for your internet browsing.

Keeping Your Browsing Anonymous

Do you really want everyone knowing what you’re doing online? Even if you’re just going from legal site to legal site, you don’t want the world tracking everything you do. The world is becoming a Big Brother state as it is. You don’t need to contribute to that if you don’t want to. Not only do you protect your privacy, but you will also add a level of security through anonymity. You’ll have an extra layer of protection against the “hackers” in the world.

How does a VPN offer anonymity?

A VPN masks your true IP address. This is your internet protocol address and is issued by your internet provider. You can’t change this yourself. The IP address tells websites where you’re browsing from and who you’re browsing through. Websites will know if you’re coming from the UK, USA, China or anywhere in between. When you use a VPN, your IP address is masked with the IP address of the VPN. You may be browsing from the UK, but it can look like you’re browsing from the USA, Canada, or elsewhere in the world. Nobody knows who you really are and where you’re actually from, helping to protect your identity when you’re online.

This isn’t just good for protecting yourself from hackers or the government spying on you. It’s also possible to prevent Amazon, Facebook, Google, and other big sites following and tracking you. They won’t know what you’re searching for or looking at, meaning they can’t blast you with emails and ads based on your browsing habits. They have no idea that it was you doing the searching. If they’re collecting information on your shopping and searching habits, what else are they collecting?

Keep Your Details Secure While Browsing

Secure your private data from snooping Secure your private data from snooping

You can use a VPN when using a public hotspot or Wi-Fi. This means you can use one in a coffee shop, at an airport, or at your local internet café. The great news about this is the added layer of security. Public Wi-Fi just isn’t secure. Hackers find it very easy to intercept and steal information from you whilst surfing public WiFi - don’t take chances with your private data.

Browse as If You’re in Another Country

US Netflix has far more available than Netflix anywhere else. VPNs have become very popular because of this. Someone in the UK can use a VPN to mask their IP address and make it look like they’re browsing from somewhere in the US. While Netflix has started blocking VPN access, there are still reasons to have one installed on your computer.

VPNs have been around much longer than Netflix, but have been used for similar reasons. The benefit is you get to mask your IP address. It looks like you’re browsing elsewhere in the world. This is great when you’re travelling. You can get access to all your home comforts when in another country. Want to access BBC iPlayer while in Canada? Not a problem! This can also be great when travelling in a country where certain sites are blocked. For example, China blocks access to a lot of US owned websites. You can mask the Chinese IP address with one outside the country to access all the sites that you need.

Final Words on VPN use

It’s time to improve your browsing experience and protect your privacy. A VPN is something that you need right now. You’ll prevent sites and governments tracking your every move and open the world to you no matter where you are.

*disclaimer, all information provided above is dependant upon you using a respectable VPN which doesn’t track your browser activity. I personally use TorGuard (a completely anonymous VPN service - heres a 50% off for life coupon Code: toguard50) along with the free WireGuard client WireGuard ioS, WireGuard macOS.